With data volumes increasing exponentially, transactions growing multifold, faster deployments and zero downtime being priorities; when data turns information and information opens up unparalleled economic opportunities, your business demands an agile and future ready data center. Our expertise can help you overcome your data center challenges; because we understand your data center much beyond a hardware infrastructure.

Why We

In the world of Internet of Things (IoT) access to data decides success, a robust data center means improved decision making and better predictions of trends by faster insight to impact. We at helps you define your data center requirements, understanding the specific functional and operational goals.

What we do.

Data Center space assessment
Knowing your data center infrastructure requirements is the first step to an effective data center solution. This would not only assist you plan for the physical requisites of data center, but also on the right choice of technologies like cloud, virtualization, clustering or consolidation. Leveraging our expertise on data center design and strong understanding of the growing requirements, we help you assess your capability, and capacity aligning to space, power and cooling requirements.
Data Center Surveillance
Physical security and access control comes handy in preventing physical access to data centers. An effective surveillance network helps in preventing malicious attacks on data centers and to account for any breach on ever if it happens. iNetSpine’s technology driven, intelligent surveillance system offers a flexible platform for a secure data center. With advanced hardware and software solutions we ensure not just merely the physical security of your data center but prevent application vulnerabilities as well.
Our consultants provide specialised flexible data center designs that safeguards your intellectual property and your customer’s data. We offer state of the art solutions that can improve the operational efficiency and level of data center availability of two nines (99) to six nines (99.9999), downtime as low as 32 seconds a year. We assist in seamless migration following industry best practices resulting in increased reliability and scalability. Enjoy liberty with hassle free upgrades and downgrades leveraging technological capability. Minimise cost of ownership with more dynamic and automated data center.
Data center security and access control
Perceptive on what and how, is the basics of security. Data being the epitome of modern IT business, safeguarding it is not a choice but a need. We at iNetSpine provide the best in class, technologically advance, easy to operate access control and security solutions, be it biometric authentication or RFID smart card, you name it we offer it. We extend support on security and access control policy formulation, understanding your legitimate business necessities.

IT Infrastructure

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Managed IT Services

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Hardware as a Service

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Network Solutions

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Servers and Virtualization solutions

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