Discover the power of virtualization by inventive consolidation of your data center and mission critical application servers. Virtualization helps in optimum utilization by smartly provisioning your available server capacity among different operating systems and applications running on them. We call it smart as virtualization offers better ways for clustering, positioning, load balancing and adding more agile in responding to the changing resource requirements. This distribution eliminates the want of redundant physical units by abstracting the physical layer whereby creating multiple isolated virtual environment on a single hardware. The outcome of visualization is sheer savings on capital by using a shareable pool of resources.

Why We

Virtualization gains popularity when enterprises realize that on an average only 25 percentage of computing power is utilized on disparate resources. Sharing translates into easier infrastructure management and lesser operational complexities by the comprehensive use of existing underutilized resources, improving availability. Designed with intelligence, our state-of-the-art virtualization solution provides scalability from few virtual desktops on an intranet to thousands of virtual machines over an internet, resulting in a considerable cost and resource savings.

What we do.

Enterprise server infrastructure assessment
Understanding the present provides insights into the future. Our experts assist you in evaluating the practicality of expanding your current IT infrastructure with the growing needs of your organization. Adoption of industry proven, cost effective practices allows you to implement enhanced IT systems without adding on labor and material resources. Our virtualization experts provide comprehensive assessment of your business needs and recommend practical and scalable solutions that guarantee uninterrupted operation.
Design and upgrade
Designed for performance, reliability and capacity, our virtualization solutions allow rapid integration of new system and services into to the existing dimensions. Optimized performance stems from the choice of right virtualization architecture, a seamless merger of hardware and software systems. Streamline and design new and existing virtualization process with precise guidance from iNetSpine, providing a win-win for both delivery and IT sponsors.
Server consolidation and optimization using virtualization
Save as you grow with enhanced automation and centralized server management, through consolidation. Improve on ROI and operational efficiency through better utilization of under-utilized computing capacity. With deep industry expertise and great know-how on established methodologies, we help you choose the best conceivable consolidation ratio and failure recovery options, transforming into a successful high-availability and secure virtualization environment.
Server/virtualization orchestration and Automation process
Maximum efficiency in resource allocation is the key strategic differentiator in delivering mission critical services. In highly scalable and extremely complex IT environments, physical intervention in key operating areas of provisioning, management and orchestration will simply be an expensive undertaking. Through automation tools and technologies, we help you realize the speed and flexibility in managing servers. With wholly virtualized infrastructure services, scope of accelerated application deployment and SaaS are simply unlimited.

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