The success of modern commerce is dictated by the ease and speed with which data crack to information. In this information driven world every bit of data, whether it is structured or unstructured could be leveraged for actionable insight by uncovering the patterns that could spark a breakthrough business idea. The traditional ways of intermittent batch backup are no longer sufficient to maintain such enormous volume of data. It is essential that enterprises discover smarter means to capture, store, deliver, manage and protect their data ingeniously to meet the evolving business priorities.

Why We

High performance computing and data analytics significantly count on the availability and performance of your data storage system. A rapid adoption of new technologies like virtualization is critical to cope with the data growth and risk avoidance. We offer cost effective storage solutions with higher storage efficiencies and lower operational complexities that can fit every unique use case. Reinforced by experts throughout every phase of the lifecycle, our easy to implement comprehensive solutions are intelligently structured for rapid response and continuous scalability to meet your current and future business requirements. We help in keeping track of the storage utilization for simplified operation, capacity optimization and cost effective expansion.

What we do.

Data Center Storage Solutions
Conventional data storage techniques are becoming obsolete with growing business needs, and augmentation of the infrastructure comes with a hefty price tag. Our data centre solutions enable you to adequately store more without putting any strain on the infrastructure. With technologies such as data compression, reduplication and storage virtualization, higher performance and better efficiency are assured.
We will help you plan, analyze and design your data storage systems with emphasis on availability, scalability and security. We help you realize your enterprise storage needs on increased efficiencies by organizing and managing data at a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). iNetSpine offer futuristic storage designs that optimize storage efficiency, access speed and hardware size. By leveraging the latest technologies in data storage, our solutions simplify complexities while improving storage administration that will help with troubleshooting during failures.
Data performance assessment and capacity management
With the increase in volumes of data, informed business decisions are hindered by low-performing and outdated storage technologies. The poor utilization of storage means an overworked infrastructure with increasing administrative burdens. Our consultants are deft at building an information-centric business environment through a comprehensive understanding of your current infrastructure capabilities. We help you store the most with improved availability and flexibility through higher capacity utilization practices.

IT Infrastructure

The ever-increasing nature of competition in business world prompts IT enterprises to become dependent on infrastructure that can cope with the changing trends in the market.

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Managed IT Services

IT Management forms the back bone of every modern enterprise.

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Hardware as a Service

We have been the first choice of company for many businesses when it comes to equipment rental of IT hardware.

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Network Solutions

An enterprise network is the mainstay of communication for any organization and the inability of networks to adapt to advancements in technology and traffic often leads to business failure.

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Mobility Solutions

Mobility at workplace is evolving largely through a plethora of wireless devices.

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Servers and Virtualization solutions

Discover the power of virtualization by inventive consolidation of your data center and mission critical application servers.

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