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We are one of the leading network consultants and IT solution providers who deliver all-embracing advanced solutions predominantly, if not limited to the domain of IT industries across the globe. Our commitment to offering overarching solutions in a diverse range of enterprises has its roots in principle of implementing result-oriented strategies. The main pillars of our growth are sustained, Customer retention and unmatched professionalism. What distinguishes us from our counterparts is our ability to integrate and secure networks at cost-effective rates. We help clients to meet business challenges by implementing integrated solutions to streamline everyday activities and processes. Over the years we have made noticeable advances in numerous areas ranging from IT enterprises to Retail and Education, thanks to the passion and the shared sense of professional commitment exhibited by iNetSpine team. Our team of multi-talented employees possesses the infallible knack of conceptualizing and deploying latest technologies to take your enterprise to the next level. Our workforce constitutes an intelligent talent pool that is characterized by diversity and ingenuity. Equipped with professionals who posses domain knowledge in disparate areas of expertise, we continue to seek the brightest talent to enhance the standards of client service. Having acquired experience in providing end-to-end solutions to major industries, we have remained committed to offering tangible business benefits to our clients.

Transition into a Global Force to Reckon with

Headquartered at Singapore, Asia’s IT hub, iNetSpine is equipped with a team of dedicated and experienced IT professionals who are united in their pursuit of helping clients to build stronger and more versatile businesses. Our experienced engineers provide all encompassing technical solutions ranging from network designing, consultation, analysis, installation to on-going maintenance and service integration. We collaborate with many leading vendors of network, security, storage and server solutions to ensure that each client is delivering what is most suitable to their respective businesses.

Our unique approach helps to protect IT investments, reduce costs, and minimizes risk by providing:
  • Business-centric, highly reliable products that reduce TCO and OpEx.
  • Strategic competitive advantage through innovative technology.
  • Best-in-class solutions in terms of overall pricing and performance
  • Innovative solutions to enhance business values
Today’s unrestrained growth of IT industry has correspondingly created the infinite scope of harnessing your business values. Driven by real-time perspectives and ingenious minds, our innovative solutions enable you to optimize your business credentials. We understand the nuances of customer requirements and engage with customers at a very personal level that is unheard of in the industry. Timely delivery of reliable integrated solutions enables us to receive lifelong advocacy from clients in return. Our team of experts strives to make your operations as effective and economical as possible by broadening the scope of productivity within every stratum of your business. We are a leading provider of IT technologies who refuse to rest on laurels until we are able to help our clients to attain their full potential, Building a full-fledged and versatile IT infrastructure is a prerequisite for developing an environment that is conducive for the growth of your business. Our team focuses on delivering business outcomes by specialization in areas as diverse as Managed IT services, website hosting and designing, Structured cabling, IT consultation and Haas.

Corporate Overview

In addition to helping you accelerate your business growth, control energy costs, scale video, and deliver highly secure wired and wireless access, our team of experts also place optimum emphasis on innovation. We adopt a systematic approach to the deployment of managed IT services, Website hosting and designing and Consultation. We meticulously carried out network integration enables enterprises to acquire sound control over the IT environment. We comply with universal standards of conduct in serving our clients around the globe. We at iNetSpine understand the significance of maintaining ethical principles while dealing with complex requirements of our clients. In today’s highly competitive industry, we give unparalleled emphasis on the sustenance of our international reputation. We also place exhaustive internal controls to maintain our commitment to professional behavior and corporate conduct with each client.

Whether you are running a small business or a middle sized IT enterprise, a technically sound Infrastructure determines the efficiency of your everyday business processes. Our engineers understand how your whole business relies on a fully-fledged infrastructure equipped with all necessary applications and systems. We at iNetSpine optimizes your enterprise’s productivity by making sure that key business operations take place in a seamless and cheaper fashion. Our team of experts works in close communion with clients prior to deploying solutions that could harness the efficiency of infrastructure. We provide high-end yet cost effective solutions to improve performance, scalability and credibility of your business.

We deliver our IT solutions, be it technologies, software or security, with an emphasis on improving the overall business impact. As a leading network integrator, we deliver end-to-end network solutions to seamlessly consolidate IT connectivity within your organization. Our network experts offer a host of solutions such as data security, host security, access control, intrusion detection and prevention. Irrespective of the magnitude of challenges, our engineers consistently succeed in delivering improved performance, control and security of your infrastructure.

Our proven network services deliver an effective global network infrastructure that will meet a diverse range of requirements arising within your organization. The effectiveness of our IT solutions lies in the application of industry standard technologies powered by ITIL and ISO based practices.

iNetSpine assists you with
  • Creating and maintaining a scalable infrastructure solution that best suits your business needs.
  • Developing a strategy to prioritize your application availability.
  • Extending voice, video communications, and collaboration with your enterprise
  • Choosing the best multi-vendor IT products and support to integrate your network.
  • Securing your company's most valuable assets—your network and your data
  • Accessing your information anywhere securely.
  • Solutions from industry expertise to support you now and in the future
  • Packages for all communication capabilities of your business
We assist enterprises in transformation into thriving business entities by offering strategic consulting and groundbreaking solutions. Our comprehensive IT solutions to ensure a symbiotic relationship between mobility, computing and network units within your infrastructure. At iNetSpine we believe that our commitment to clients extend beyond regular business contracts. We uphold the principle of delivering solutions as ethically and honestly as possible to our clients.
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