Mobility at workplace is evolving largely through a plethora of wireless devices. There is a paradigm shift in the way where modern businesses are carried out efficiently and mobility is no more on the wish list but an indispensably entity. The demand for network bandwidth is growing exponentially outpacing the conceivable capacity. With more and more peripherals and devices connecting wirelessly over the network, the threat of a security breach is also very high. To respond to these business challenges an extremely scalable and cost effective network solution is a must. A perfect blend of technology-independent hardware and software can bring in greater efficiencies at work by delivering real time data on the move.

Why We

Changing concept and expectation of a more dynamic and agile work environments take good advantage of mobile capabilities. Enterprise mobility solutions are aimed at delivering business excellence through focused management of mobile devices, wireless networks and other mobile computing services. Our mobility solutions help in the transformation processes by seamlessly and securely integrating wireless devices of any form factor with the existing enterprise systems. With Unparalleled capacity optimization, iNetSpine offers improved efficiency in all verticals of enterprise operations. Simplified operation combined with continuous collaboration ensures end to end productivity.

What we do

Enterprise wireless designing and redesigning
With present commerce, relying significantly on voice and video over the internet, the need for a high availability, secure network is crucial. Our outcome oriented consulting services offer mobile first architecture for enterprise mobility management. Complying with industrial standards, our highly reliable and secure designs help in adapting to next generation technologies within the existing capabilities. Designed for speedy deployment and easy scalability to the highest capacity, our network designs, support technology expansion and modern wireless network devices equally. Our experts assist in establishing mobility road maps, ascertaining KPIs and flawlessly migrating existing systems to new wireless setup.
Enterprise BYOD solution for education, hospitality and retails
The service industry at large has been significantly affected by the rapidly proliferating mobile first technology trends. BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) is now seen as the cornerstone of proficient service delivery in the areas of hospitality and retail. Many organizations find it challenging to manage these changes in trends owing to security reasons. Discover the power of BOYD with iNetSpine’s resilient BOYD solutions that help you establish a perfect equilibrium between employee/customer satisfaction and shifting technology. By providing agile access points to your intranet, our BOYD solutions help you establish precise and secure user access strategies, thereby saving largely on the infrastructure capital without compromising on the customer experience.
High density wireless deployment solution
Technology is transforming businesses to more interactive and exciting experience. With the gaining momentum of mobile devices, the current network designs are put to the test by uncontrollable throughput requirements. Traditional wireless networks simply do not scale to meet the rising business and customer expectations. With the future perfect architecture, our high density network solutions are designed to deliver high performance even in the most unpredictable mix of users, devices and operating systems. Our consultant offers field proven high density WLAN design recommendations for a highly reliable and secure network landscape
Wireless spectrum & interference analysis
The elevating productivity of your organization with mobile technologies demands an uninterrupted high performance wireless network. Generally, most network capacities go underutilized with antiquated fixed spectrum allocation methodologies. With the rapid expansion of wireless services and increased complexity of signals, high performance can be guaranteed not only through the best use of available capabilities, but also with a comprehensive understanding of the interferences that hinder performance. Opening additional frequency bands to accommodate more users in the shared network is never an apparent resolution as it can lead to critical security issues. iNetSpine helps you meet your business needs and customer expectations without perturbing on the issues of a complex range of spectrum engineering and interference affinity. Our engineers simplifies troubleshooting by proactively identifying and eliminating the subjective context that has been the basis for any radio frequency (RF) interference impacting WLAN network performance.

IT Infrastructure

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Managed IT Services

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Hardware as a Service

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Network Solutions

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Website Hosting & Design

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